The Rix Centre Rotating Header Image Rix Centre at European Day for Persons with Disabilities Conference

This week The Rix Centre and fellow W2ID project partners ensured that the W2ID project and it’s main output ‘Klikin’ were THE big story at one of Europe’s most important annual disability conferences. Andy Minnion and Ajay Choksi from The Rix Centre brought Klikin to the attention of an audience of key European policy makers, service providers, disability organisation representatives and experts, with an impressive presentation at the European Day for Persons with Disabilities Conference.

The conference focus was the active participation of persons with disabilities in different areas of public life; in politics, media, sports and other visible sectors of our societies. Andy and Ajay, presenting the experiences of the W2ID project and the user experience of the Klikin package, were able to show Europe an exemplary model of good practice and illustrate a genuinely practical solution to achieving active and ‘visible’ citizenship and participation in public life.The conference took place in Brussels on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th December.

The presentation caused a stir and generated a real buzz about Klikin. W2ID Project partners were on hand throughout the two day event to demonstrate the package. One way they did this was to create a Klikin website during the event and over the two days used it to document the stories and experiences of the conference. Take a look at the website HERE. You can find out more about the two year W2ID project and the Klikin software by visiting the Klikin European Support Hub.

The event, organised in cooperation with the European Disability Forum, is the European Commission’s annual policy conference and part of the EU’s wider efforts to promote the mainstreaming of disability issues in line with the EU Disability Strategy. Take a look at these videos to see part of Ajay & Andy’s presentation.