Sensory Objects Latest…Buckets, Boots & Animal Sounds

This Autumn the Sensory Object project team’s exploratory workshops are focused on capturing the sensory experiences of the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL). Ajay Choksi and John Mascari from The Rix Centre were in Reading yesterday for this week’s workshop with the project’s inclusive group of co-researchers, helping them record and translate the sensory experiences they are collecting into 2D online multimedia.

This week the team made collages to tell stories about the buckets, boots and baskets of collected objects with sensory connections to MERL. This work prompted Luke, one of the co-researchers, to make animal sounds which were recorded by Ajay for the wiki. During the session the team discovered that incorporating co-researchers’ favourite music into the workshop really stimulated engagement and the creative process.
Adding content to the wikis

Adding content to the wikis

The team of co-researchers visit MERL on alternate Mondays to immerse themselves in the collection and trial different technologies and creative methods for capturing the sensory data they experience. On the Mondays following the visits to MERL the team come together in workshops to record and reflect on what they have captured. As part of this process the team are using Klikin Easy Build wiki websites.

Each co-researcher has their own private, password protected wiki to which they are adding multimedia content that represents or triggers memory of the sounds, sights, smells, tastes and sensations they experience at MERL. The wikis act as 2D sensory journals and are helping the co-researchers, who have learning difficulties and disabilities, to organise and record their sensory memories and experiences in a way that forms an important part of the reflective process. Visit the Sensory Objects Blog to find out more about the project.