A Christmas Message from The Rix Centre

As the end of 2013 approaches it is time to draw breath and reflect on what has been another super-busy year for all of us here at The Rix Centre.

This year has seen the completion of a wide range of research & development projects, Local, National and European, whose findings, products and outcomes have benefited and will continue to benefit the learning disability community. We have embarked on exciting pilot journeys, working in partnership with different groups and Local Authorities across the UK to explore the potential of easy build wikis for person-centred planning and the local offer. In September we successfully launched our first fully-online Multimedia Advocacy e-learning course. The new course, along with other workshops and implementation projects this year, has resulted in the ongoing spread and adoption of the Multimedia Advocacy approach, helping us in our continuing mission to empower individuals with learning disabilities and their families though the transformation of practice across health, social care and education.

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the funders, partners, co-researchers, UEL colleagues and project participants we have worked with this year. It has been brilliant working with you all. Our activities this year have also been supported by some truly outstanding interns and volunteers, so we would like to give a huge and extra-special thank you to volunteers Dhanya Alfred and Shauna Mulligan and to interns Elena Guardini, Leo Kerr, Amanda Gorecki, Osazee Igbo, Lauren Howard, Sheralee Fielder and John Mascari. We couldn’t have done it without you!